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The Jurassic Times mod – Dinosaurs in Minecraft

Posted on 01 March 2012 by scottycam


Minecrafterman13′s Jurassic Times mod brings dinosaurs into the world of Minecraft. There’s everything from the tiny Compsognathus to the undisputed Tyrannosaurus Rex. Like other mobs, you can hunt them for materials and experience. The mod also adds in mine-able fossil ores and blocks of ash and dinosaur nests. Dinosaurs can drop raptor claws and you can now make bone armor out of the remnants of slain dinosaurs so that you can look all the mightier around your Minecraft buddies. One other neat little addition is the utilization of flint for spear heads. Just in case you feel a little out of place hunting dinosaurs with a sword, you can now get two wooden sticks and a piece of flint and go out and pretend to be Fred Flintstone or something. Minecrafterman’s also working on new biomes so that Minecraft locales will be more befitting of these new Jurassic denizens. Some of these new biomes include volcanic and tar biomes. If you click on the link to the forum, you can see that he’s already got some of the giant forest biomes, complete with sky-scraping trees, working already.


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